How Much Does it Cost?

    There is no cost to view the video trainer. Review it all you want for free. The price for certification and membership including wallet card and inclusion in our database is listed below. Certification requires the successful completion of the test which is included in the training exercise.


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   The cost of certification and the accompanying membership with access to our "members only" pages and inclusion in our database, along with certificate and laminated wallet sized card is $24.95 per individual student.
    To place an order and make a payment, please click the yellow "Pay Now"  button below.
    You will be redirected to the Paypal website where you can enter the number of trainees for whom you are making payment (the default number is 1), make a payment, and then when complete click on the "Return to WBGI" website link and you will be redirected to this page: thank-you-for-ordering where you can enter the name or names of the trainees for whom you have made payment. (You can always send us a separate email editing your trainees names at should there be a change.)
   These individual names should match the names that the trainees provide to us on the registration page which is presented upon successfully completing the test.
   Upon successfully completing the training exercise and passing the test, your trainee / trainees will be asked to provide us with their name and contact information. The trainee will then be included in our data base of successful trainees and will receive a "Certificate of Completion" via U.S. Mail. Included with the certificate will be a laminated wallet sized card (stating that the trainee has completed the training) along with instructions and a password for accessing the "members only" pages of our website.

 Please remember that certification requires the successful completion of the test which is part of the training exercise.
 Successfully completing of the training exercise provides the trainee with 4 "Professional Development Hours" (PDH's).

                                                               Certification price each $24.95


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                                        Price is for continental U.S. shipping only. Others please inquire.



   Upon completing payment through paypal, please click the "Return to WBGInteractive" link and you will be forwarded to a page containing instructions and a link to access the training video as well as the test.
   Please bookmark that page.


             Thank you for your interest in WBGInteractive Arc Flash Safety Training.

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